Okay ladies…let’s say you’re living with an anger-management bozo.  You could spend a small fortune in repairing those fist-sized holes in your walls before you finally get the courage to kick the clown out!  It’s sooo easy to patch holes in your walls yourself.  Go to the drywall department of your local home improvement store.  You’ll find metal patches that self-stick right over the hole (cost about $4-8 depending on size).   Next you’ll need some patching compound, a 2″-4″ spatula, and sandpaper (#80 grit).  Once you’ve cut the patch to fit the hole, spread a thin coat of compound over the patch (the thinner, the better as long as you cover the patch.  The idea here is to make the patched area as flush with the wall as possible.)  Once the compound dries (usually 4-8 hours), sand it ensuring a smooth transition between the patch and the wall.  If you can feel that the patch is raised from the wall, you have not sanded enough.  Once you are finished this step-by-step process, the last thing to do is to prime the compounded area and paint!  Hope this helps.  I’d love to hear your results!